Ahava – The feminine spiritual path in a prayer of sound with Orna Ralston

Summer 2019 I was asked to film this beautiful event about women rooting through sound. Below the movie I will also share a blog my friend Agnes Algera wrote about it and which you can find on her website www.sea-heart.nl as well.

AHAVA – a vision of Orna Ralston in bringing in the voices of women

-An article by Agnes Marije-

In Juli 2019 almost one hundred women got together in the South of Germany.

A collective celebration in opening the heart – AHAVA means love – being led by Shamaan Orna Ralston.

Her dream is to create with hundred(s) of women a Temple of Sound. Singing is like praying – Orna explains. In many religions this was only allowed by men. Yet spirituality is not male nor female. It is universal human communication with the spirit world. And Orna wants to make visible that we (women) can also make a Temple of Sound. She strongly feels our voices must be heard as well. This is what the world needs, and she quotes the Daily Lama: “The World Needs Women.”

Considering the amount of women being present at AHAVA – this calling was not only felt by her. The fact that almost hundred women from Germany, Holland and Switzerland came to AHAVA means a lot of women felt this longing too. To share, to connect, to inspire and become inspired, and to join voices together in singing. Interestingly many of the women were spiritual practitioners themselves. In many cases already a lifetime since there were quite a number of older women who beautifully represented all wise grandmothers. From the very first start of the weekend a powerful energetic field of love was felt. A field that was constructed by each woman’s presence – representing most ages, backgrounds, ways of living and practices..

Besides the teachings of Orna, this weekend also consisted the inspirational words of spiritual teacher Shanti Mayi. Both of them beautifully represented different teachings – yet at the same time tapping from the same source: love – and connecting on that deeper level with each other and with us. No matter differences: we can always meet each other in the field of love.

Yes – AHAVA.

In that immediately felt welcome and safe field each woman was invited to connect with the child and the mother within herself. Exploring how one can cradle one’s own heart like a mother cradling her child. By doing so providing your heart security, shelter and trust. In that we can use the healing power of sound. When we give sounds to what we feel inside it is a further opening up of the space within ourselves. In that field a sacred Temple of Sound was constructed.

Chanting is a spiritual practice. It connects you to deeper layers within. By chanting you can go beyond the use of (rational) words and gently let yourself fall into that space within. In that space of connection you can feel what is the essence. Your essence. What do you wish for, or maybe what hurts inside of you, and give space to that. Breathe with it. Let all flow through you. And we don’t have to do it alone. We need support and to ask for this support: a touch, a voice that sings together with you.. We were asked to hold each other’s hands while picturing our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers behind us. We sang. In our singing all the women we are connected to – were invited. A collective field of women carrying each other’s heart.

‘Spirituality is not just above us. In the sky. In heaven. It is in everything. It is in all. It is not something outside of you. And it doesn’t stop at the door of this room.’ (Orna Ralston)

How can we enhance this free flow? This free flow of love that moves through the body, and is connected to spirit and earth. Key in that is to connect with vulnerability. Vulnerability is important for deepening. To dare to connect with your wounds and scars. And some scars will keep on hurting a bit. Yet can we stay present and embrace that vulnerability. She pictures herself as a pirate: ‘Yes, pirates have scars, and I am a proud pirate’. There is great value in connecting your strengths with your vulnerability. Even though it can feel uncomfortable – know that there lies an opportunity for (spiritual) growth.

The shamanistic clown in her loves to provoke as well. ‘I love to shake things up’. It is a beautiful and powerful gift of Orna – the way she observes and intuitively mirrors this in a funny way. Not as in that it or someone is a joke. Definitely this is a fine line to walk and one that Orna has fully mastered! The ‘fool’ in ancient times risked for this the chance of losing its head. The clown nowadays doesn’t need to fear such a thing – yet the thin line is the same.

The power of the clown. With hundred woman we were laughing out so loud during the mime-performance (without words) of Orna. It felt as an inner-shower. In the sometimes subtle way of the created confusement by Orna you felt gently being shaken. Questions arise within and in our sharing: what is my vision, what is my ‘yes’, when do I feel inspired? Touching the thin line within ourselves as well: what is illusion and what is (my) truth?

‘Unconditional love. Unrestricted love. Give and receive love without restrictions. What does this mean to you?’ (Orna Ralston)

In the closing circle on Sunday one of the women expressed what was felt by most, and most likely by all: how it felt as such a great privilege to get together in this way. How truly beautiful it is to create these waves of love. ‘It makes me even more conscious of the responsibility that I have in this world’ she said.

Orna took the responsibility by envisioning her calling, feeling her yes, and acting on that. She is courageous to pursue her vision: A Temple of Sound. Bringing in the voices of the women. The world needs women. The world needs women who step up and dare to show themselves and let themselves be heard. Orna showed us: even though one is just a drop in the ocean, this one drop can make a difference.

AHAVA – we bathed in the ocean of love.