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We find ourselves in an age of individualism and consumerism that exploits our environment, and ourselves. We see major consequences like climate change, the extinction crisis, inequality, racism, burn-outs and feelings of disconnect with nature and ourselves. It is clear that we have to change our culture. Our way of living on this beautiful planet.

Besides the urgent need for practical changes that we have to realise to minimise the dangers of climate change and the losses of biodiversity, we also have to invest time and space in an important root of this problem: relationship. Our relation to ourselves, human kind and our environment.

Being in relation means having an interaction. This interaction is shaped by the way we share and listen. In modern western culture we are used to communicate mainly on a rational level, and speak more than listen. We believe we need to include other levels of communication (again). Ways in which we can communicate with for instance our physical body, soul (from the individual soul to collective souls), nature…

We believe that by rooting in these intimate relations again, developing and expanding our sense of interbeing, we are contributing to the healing of life on Earth.

We are a learning community in Europe (mainly from the Netherlands). We are practicing and learning every day, and we felt a desire to join hearts and hands to practice and learn together – and make it possible for others to join too. 

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Before we can begin to redeem this crisis we need to trace that mindset and the paradigm that supports it to its roots: our sense of separation from our environment, our lack of awareness that we are all a part of one interdependent living organism that is our planet.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee in Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth