Societal Constellations

Like nature constellations, societal constellations represent a new branch of systemic work. Those that have experience or training in ‘family constellations’ might be aware that even questions that are rooted in family systems, often have a societal dimension. Societal constellations start at the layer of societal questions, that arise due to larger evolutionary movements, such as the energy transition, the shift of the position of women in society or the rethinking of economics. We are all shaped by societal dimensions that were present when we were young.

But also: the societal context our parents grew up in, and their parents, and so forth, have an influence on how we experience life. Intergenerational patterns can be related to religious practices, the role of a family business or to impactful societal events such as war or a natural disaster.

Exploring societal issues through constellations can lead to crucial insights on an individual level, at the level of organizations, or beyond. Because constellations are a bodily practice, insights emerge from a physical experience, which often happens to have a healing effect.

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