Nature Constellations

Nature constellations are an exciting new branch of systemic constellation work. They use the same methodology as family constellations, with one big difference: the focus is not primarily on human affairs, but on the human-nature interface and the wider natural system of which humans are a part. This shift from an antropocentric to an ecocentric perspective is much needed in this era of fast biodiversity loss and climate change.

All that is needed is a question, a venue and some people or objects to represent the elements that matter for the question concerned. The representatives for these elements preferably do not have any prior knowledge of the subject at hand. All they have to do is to report what they feel or sense in the position where they are placed. In ways that we do not totally understand yet, they get access to a so-called ‘knowing field’ with accurate information about the issue. We appear to have more ways knowing than cognitive thinking only.

In a nature or environmental constellation, not only human beings but also natural elements such as rivers, trees or landscapes, are represented and thus get a voice. Their information often results in increased understanding of the effects of human interventions in e.g. agriculture, nature conservation or land use. It appears that all aspects of life have awareness, intelligence and are capable of some kind of communication with humans.

Thus arises a new perspective on our interrelatedness and possible new ways to co-operate with nature. Likewise, it is possible to explore personal questions about one’s connection to nature or place, or specific plants or animals. This often happens to be a healing experience that leads to greater sensitivity about how nature nurtures us.