If I am

If I was a vessel, would you use me – for something greater than yourself?
If I was a dream, would you unfold me to the sweetest reality
If I was a path, then would walk me – bare feet so you can touch me. Blessed in every step you
take, yes – it IS in every step you take.
If I was love then would you feel me?
If I was a kiss would you taste me with your lips
If I was truth would you speak me, be me, even if no one wants to see or hear me
would you continue to stand for me
If I was joy would you find me in all the places and all the people that you meet
knowing it is a choice, to live life joyfully
If I was struggle would you smile to me, knowing I am only temporary
If I am fear would you recognise me and realise what lies underneath
If I am pain would you allow me to show you what hurts
If I am laughter would you welcome me in the darkest of hours, in the darkest of days
If I am a journey would you take me to the places I have never been – there are so many places I
have never seen
If I am your heart, would you care for me, no need to overly protect me because I am strong –
much stronger than you think of me
If I am your feet would you walk me, dance me, run with me through fields of grass and these
concrete jungles
If I am silence would you make room for me, at least once every single day?
If I am a question would you drop me – in the middle of a heated debate
If I am wisdom can I settle into your body, would you let me speak through you
If I am freedom would you fight for me when I get taken away, when I was never there in the first
If I am death and I come too soon, can I make you love life more?
If I am your home, would you carry me around, show me new places, introduce me to people,
would you let me change shape, knowing everything always changes?
If I am the wind, would you run with me, fly with me, cry with me?
If I am the rain, can I wash you clean
If I am the sun, would you soak me up every time I show up
If I am gratitude would you voice me, over and over and over again, saying thank you. thank you.
If I am the rivers the oceans the seas, the grasses and trees, all animals, even the ones that you
eat, if I am all of your relations, would you take care of me, protect me, knowing you cannot live
without me?
If I am life – would you live me?

Maaike Boumans – Aug 23rd 2013, 03:16

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